Bad Puppy Neoprene Hood – black/brown

Here is a neoprene mask with the image of a dog's head. Thanks to this flexible and extensible material, we find a nice and easy to wear accessory.

Indeed, no zip and laces where the hair can get stuck. No need to fight, you put him alone without worries.

In the Bad Puppy collection, this mask is available in several colors. The muzzle is removable to make room for your games.

Role play - Pet Play and accessories

It's been a while since Jules wants me to wear a Pet Play hood. Personally it is not what I prefer but why not try?

The hood is comfortable, the neoprene is pleasant to the skin. Extensible, you do not feel oppressed wearing it. Easy to put on and take off, the muzzle holds with pressure.

On the Pet Play side, I matched the mask with a tail plug. I thought it was more fun than exciting. For Jules, it's the balaclava side that pleased him more.

Conclusion of the Bad Puppy Mask

For Pet Play fans, the Bad Puppy mask is ideal. I use it from time to time for its comfort and to excite Jules. Less annoying and easier to wear than the gas mask for example.

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