Bite Gag Wet & Naughty – Lockable Gag

bdsm gag

Here is a different type of gag from the ball gags that I could use. This one is of the “biting bone” type made of phthalate-free silicone (and European standards).

bite gag meo

This bit gag closes with a head strap with a buckle and a padlock provided. The silicone used allows wet games (watersport or urophilia)

bite gag and lockable gag

It is possible to add a timer padlock to spice up the sessions a little more.

A very comfortable gag over time


I particularly liked this type of gag. I previously used ball gags and these proved to be uncomfortable over time. Ball too big and too hard, in short not very pleasant.

With this bit-shaped gag, it's totally different. The port is very pleasant and comfortable. You can clench your teeth without worry, the silicone is rather flexible so no pain in the jaw. So we can keep it longer. Also, on the salivation side, the bit is more practical and the saliva flows more easily.

Suffice to say that it adds excitement to my Jules to see me drooling with envy. I really like the constraint that this type of bit gag exerts.


If you like to add a little constraint to your passionate embraces, the bit gags are a very nice little accessory to have in your toy chest. The Wet and Naughty bit is really comfortable to wear even over time, I recommend it.

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