BON4M Chastity Cage New Model!

Here is the BON4M Chastity Cage, a new model released in late 2018 that replaces the BON4M Small and the BON4M Large.
Innovative, it comes with 7 rings of different sizes (40 to 52 mm).

Entirely made of stainless steel, you can wear it for a few days as well as several months.
Once the chastity period is over, this will lead you to a most intense and sensational period you have experienced.

The cage will prevent any erection of your sex, while being secure and kept under lock by the holder of this key.

You can find it at a price of 200 € at our partner BON4.

My first steps in a cage

I am not a follower of chastity, and on the contrary, I am easily frustrated. A simple hint or a little caress is enough to make me hard and sexual appetite. I do not think I'm the right guinea pig for the test ... But that has left me with a lot of surprises.

This is the new chastity cage of the manufacturer BON4 (Model BON4M). Well received within 3 days, fast delivery and discreet. It comes with several different rings, and it is its weight! The set weighs not less than 762 grams! Fortunately we will just need a ring, which will put the weight under 250 grams (244 grams with ring size 48).

I did some tests for the rings (ranging from size 40 to 52), starting with the largest (52), to go down to size 48. I have not tested the size yet underneath, but this ring stays comfortable, holds in place and does not squeeze me too much.

I started slowly, wearing only the ring. Very nice feeling. I have always refused to wear a metal penis ring, certainly for fear of staying stuck or whatever. There is no way to stay locked because the ring has a locking system and remains easy to remove. The feeling of cold course my intimate area, and I take pleasure in just lugging with this ring adorning my cock.

I move up a gear, and decide to put the cage in place. I wonder how my sex will fit. Especially that I'm excited by the simple wearing of the ring ...
It is necessary to put on the cage when the sex remains soft or flaccid ... Several solutions, the fact to ejaculate or a pocket of cold during ten minutes can help.
Personally, I opted to wear the ring, prepare the cage and accessories next door, and go surfing the internet. As soon as my sex is soft, I take the opportunity to put the cage as soon as possible and thus lock up my member who just wants to go out.

I admit that I had to change pants ... I do not wear slim, but my jeans being too tight, I was really compressed. So here I am in jogging, we will see for a suit pants or other jeans later. Still no pain but I hope he will not shrink by staying locked!

The slightest desire calms me directly. My cock can not swell and get back into position. It's really weird! That pulls a little on the front of the base of the sex, certainly because the closing system is at this place.

Anna warms me a little bit by telling me about her little solitary pleasures of the day before with her new toy the Pink Nymph Stimulator but no, I can not do anything ... It's been a long time since I was wearing this cage of chastity, and I am really frustrated! She took the opportunity to examine me on all the seams, caress me, excite me, warm me ... But nothing ... My sex is still locked in this cage. And no pain!

I'm not a connoisseur, but when my sex wants to wake up, the ring at the base moves and I have 4/5 centimeters between the base and the ring, my sex has indeed grown but not can not go further.

On the discreet side, I do not see where it is discreet! A huge bump is emerging under my pants. A few funny moments, the mere fact of approaching my desk or the table that I bump sex ... (to show you how much the bump is visible so). And when I move, the padlock hits the metal cage, causing a little metallic noise as if I had keys in my pocket.

A small side that I do not like is to walk naked with it. The cage is quite heavy, and if there is not a boxer or slip to hold it, it tends to slip a little, making it less comfortable.

Conclusion sur la cage de chasteté BON4M

This chastity cage has it all. Nice finish, simple to put in place, a little lack of discretion, but I guess that all the metal cages are identical on this point, and its big black point, is to remove it. Indeed, to remove the cage, you must unscrew the screw that connects the cage to the ring, but it is quite difficult to access. I use the padlock handle to help turn the screw.

I was advised brand BON4M for their chastity cage, and I'm not at all disappointed with the result! I recommend this brand!

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229 $







price quality



  • Very good quality
  • No or little pain
  • Comfortable
  • Several sizes available for the same cage


  • A significant budget
  • Difficulty removing it

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