Buttplug with emoticon OMG

Here's a fun little silicone plug. I present to you the emoticon anal plug. Instead of a jewel, you find an emoji to bring fun in your rascality!

buttplug emoji

meo mojis butt plug

Made of silicone, this plug is flexible, thin and measures 8.6 centimeters long by 2 centimeters in diameter.

It is to be used with water-based lubricant to avoid damaging the silicone. Do not forget to consult our article on how to choose your anal plug.

butt plug meo ily

meo buttplug ily

The Ily Buttplug is really a funny and pleasant toy. The silicone is soft and flexible, its conical shape facilitates insertion into the anus. Comfortable, the plug can be worn without worries for a long time. This allows a little funny surprise effect when it is revealed to your partner.

The emoticon anal plug is small, which also allows beginners or people who appreciate the anal moderately to spice up their naughty games. Cleaning after use is very simple, warm water and soap. Or if you have a sex toy cleaner like Veryclean.

Conclusion sur le plug anal émoticone

A little fun in his hugs does not hurt anyone. Here is a very comfortable little emoticon anal plug, easy to insert and that does not slip. Let yourself be tempted by this cute toy! To clean your buttplug, I recommend using the Veryclean cleaner.

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anal plug ily

buttplug emoji meo

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