Calf to Thigh Restraint aka FUCK ME HARD Restraint

Here is a bondage accessory that can hinder the wrists on the thighs of his partner.

Thus, the tied person is forced to get closer to the calves in the thighs to stay in a comfortable position.

These shackles are made of quality calfskin. With a studded strap and a buckle closure.

There are two pairs of obstacles. No self-test here, it will inevitably be two to use it. We start with the thighs and then attach the wrists. The posture makes that quickly one folds his legs and the calves are found near the thighs. This is also convenient for some positions.

The straps are comfortable, and allow to stay attached for a moment. Your naughty game can last.

However, pay attention to the feelings of the person attached, safety is important!


BDSM is always to practice with a partner who is 100% confident. The MEO fasteners are really good and I recommend them if you are looking for good accessories to bind your submissive.

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