Cowhide whip APOLLO

Cowhide whip APOLLO

Meo offers a handcrafted beef leather whip with a nice finish.

appolo whip

The straps are long and of good quality. The handle is well worked and offers a good grip.

leather whip

As can be seen on the site: "It is an effective and impactful instrument for mainstream education", no more no less.

appolo leather whip meo

I already like the look of the whip. It has a nice design on the handle and the straps are quite long. That said, we can shorten them if necessary. Before each "spanking", my Jules takes care to "heat" my posterior with caresses and slaps of his hand. Because even if I like the pain a little, the goal is to have fun and not just be in pain. Finally, it is about the perception of our BDSM relationship specific to the two of us.

In short, once ready, he begins to use the whip. With long straps, it is difficult for him to aim well at the start. Little by little, Jules begins to take a hit and the feeling of the many straps is very pleasant on my body.

You will no doubt ask me how many "blows" I can bear ... And frankly, I still don't count. I prefer to focus on sensations and pleasure. When my Master desires, he stops, if I can't bear the pain anymore, I use our session code or safeword. This is therefore very variable.


The Appolo whip is a good accessory, to be handled more by insiders, or go gradually. If you are a beginner, do not forget to take into account your partner to gauge your strength and the number of times to snap this instrument.

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