DeLuxe Nip Stix

nipple stix

Second test on the nipple clamp site. The last time was Japanese nipple clamps, this time, they are chopsticks!

nip stix review

Adaptable to all nipple sizes thanks to small rubber rings that come to slide along, they are no less formidable!

nip stix meo

MEO offers us a small price for these nipple clamps, namely only 16.90 €! Delivered in pairs, there is enough to torture nipples for our greatest pleasure.

Torture of soft to very strong nipples


meo nip stix picture

I love nipple stimulation but I am not very masochistic either. These nipple clamps are adjustable, simply slide the small rubber rings towards the center to increase the pain, and vice versa. Once in place, you can stimulate even more by slightly turning the Nip-Stix.

These pliers are simple, but effective! Like any nipple clamp, once removed, sharp pain will wake up the nipple. And depending on the force of the forceps, and the application time, your nipple will be sensitive for a longer or shorter duration.


A simple, inexpensive and effective accessory! What is more, they are adjustable. I advise you to have a first experience in nipple clamp before using them!

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