DeLuxe Paddle HATE-LOVE

Here is a whip with a fun design!
Handcrafted, the paddle of MEO's "Hurt Me" series represents a nasty or sad emoji.

In red and black leather, with an aluminum handle and a strap.
The DeLuxe Hate-Love paddle is 43 cm long, and the 9 cm paddle.

You can find it at the price of 79 € at our partner MEO

Hurt Me, Angelic or Diabolical?


The DeLuxe HATE-LOVE Paddle is an ideal accessory for erotic spanking. Even if we start! Indeed, the swatter part is slightly padded, causing a pleasant spanking and less painful.

Its Angelic or Diabolical design gives it a cute appearance for naughty games. But whatever its side, the redness of your buttocks will be present!
The grip is good. Neither too big nor too small, this paddle is handy. The fag part is small, it allows to be more precise during the shots.

Conclusion on the DeLuxe HATE-Love paddle from MEO

A quality accessory that I recommend to anyone who wants to try spanking without too much pain and without rushing his / her partner.

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DeLuxe Paddle HATE-LOVE

79 €







price quality



  • Padding helps to reduce pain
  • Cute look!


  • A high price

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