Gode MOTORHEAD – Bomber glass black

motorhead glass dildo

Today I present to you a new glass dildo. Yes you must have noticed that I love this material for my naughty games! This one particularly caught my eye with its aesthetic aspect.

glass dildo

The Motorhead Bomber Glass dildo has a bomb shape (as the name suggests). It arrives in a rather nice box and it is supplied with a storage pocket. It is a real plus.

packaging motorhead

There is the Bomber Glass, a glass sextoy on a silicone base. It measures 17.8 centimeters with an insertable part of 12 centimeters. This dildo is made of borosilicate, it is a kind of very resistant glass!

glass bomber dildo

Motorhead Bomber Glass Review


gode glass bomber

The Motorhead Bomber Glass dildo is for vaginal use. However, its tapered shape allows anal use. However, be careful not to suck it up!

And as with all glass sex toys, the main interest is to play with the temperatures. This bomb toy is pleasant to penetrate (if necessary use a lubricant) and I like even more the cold effect that comes to fit into me.


Another excellent glass sex toy. I always had a preference for Double Trouble Rose, here it is dethroned by Bomber Glass. I recommend it for moments of play for two.

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bomber glass

packaging of bomber glass

bomber glass box

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