Japanese Clover Clamps

Meo offers us beautiful Japanese breast clamps, black with a chain that connects the two clamps.

On each clamp, you will find two small pads made of soft rubber, to avoid a bit too dry and hold well on the nipple.

It is an essential accessory for BDSM games.

Nipple clamps that will bite you pleasure.


I love when my Jules comes play with my breasts and my nipples. And I've always loved the bite of breast tweezers. For these, I find them very pretty, and I love the chain that connects the two clamps. It makes it possible to pull on both nipples at the same time and to increase the pain, pain with which one gets used quickly.

But be careful, once you remove the breast forceps, a sharp pain occurs for a few seconds, and your nipples will remain sensitive for several hours or days depending on the duration of use. Each garment rub on your nipple will be very sensitive, and will remind you of your play session.

These clamps come with a small storage bag, ideal for transporting them, or simply to store them discreetly.
A negative point and not least. These breast nippers are not adjustable. I advise you if you are new to begin with adjustable tweezers to get used to the bite of the clamps.


A quality accessory as well the clamps as the chain. And considering the price of these clover claws Japanese, it's a good investment! Attention all the same, they are not adjustable (as for all the clamps of the same type) and can surprise during their first uses.

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