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Here is a product eagerly awaited with us, and which we have used several times before we can speak objectively. A custom latex catstuit from MaskinxLatex. The latex store offers a wide range of catsuits with various and varied colors (standard, metallic, electric, translucent) as well as various latex clothing and accessories. (hoods, t-shirt, jacket, leggings etc).

The catsuits are made of natural latex, free of silicone and additives and are available in different thicknesses (0.25 to 0.8 mm). After choosing your model, you take different measurements in neutral position. A few options are available such as choosing the zipper, and we are patiently waiting for his latex catsuit.

I talked a lot with the seller, and I can tell you that he is competent and that he always answered my messages. He was very attentive to my request and knew how to guide me step by step.

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catsuit maskinxlatex

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The latex catsuit arrived at my house. We chose the eggplant color, and it looks really good on the catsuit! During the various exchanges, we asked that the catsuit be clean, without any specific product (except talc) so as to chlorinate the latex as quickly as possible (Thanks to Owos, member of the forum for the technique).
Here is a more practical latex catsuit to put on.

For the shiny side, we use Pjur Cult products.

What can I say except that the catsuit is very exciting to wear! It molds my whole body to perfection, and the manufacturing quality is there! With the chlorination of latex, it remains very easy to put on but I do not say no to a little help to avoid damaging the latex. A nice option is the zipper at the crotch, which keeps the catsuit even during our hugs.

It is comfortable, even if a little tight at the arms and the crease of the elbow. Which leaves me with pretty marks on my arms if I wear it for a long time (marks that fade quickly). Respect for dimensions is respected, so I think of an error on my part when taking the measurement, whatever it may be for my next catsuit I would take a bit bigger at this level.


For my first latex catsuit, I am completely satisfied. I like the tailor-made side and the possibility of choosing the color to go out of the ordinary. Jules really loved seeing me and touching me through latex. And I also like to wear it from time to time.

We took the photos during the summer, and with the heat and the lighting, the shiny latex product tended to dry too quickly, hence the marks on the catsuit.

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Anna and her catsuit

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