Milking Machine for Him – Sex Machine

milking machine meo

What man has never had the idea of replacing a cow's udder with his penis, and being milked to the last drop of sperm?

the milker meo

This type of machine, where Milking Machine has existed for several years. Meo offers you to realize your fantasy!

milking machine for men

Equipped with two different cylinders, you will be able to work on a penis, a nipple, or a clitoris!

How does the men's milking machine work?


milker machine meo

Dear readers, here we are on an unusual test, I have not yet found tests of similar products on the internet, and it is with pleasure that I will present the milking machine for men sold on the MEO site. The purpose of the Milking machine is to create a partial vacuum intermittently to stimulate the penis, the nipples or the clitoris. Here, no container to come and collect the sperm, it remains in the sleeve.

For the design, it reminds me of old medical diagnostic tools, between the case, the remote control, the pipes, the spirit is there!

The men's milking machine is delivered with two sleeves. A long sleeve which adapts to the sex of the man, a short sleeve which adapts to the nipple, clitoris or glans.

the milker box

the milker packaging

milking machine manual use

Milking machine test

It is one of my fantasies to try this type of product. Already, we don't take out the Milking Machine as if we were taking out a sex toy. It takes preparation to install and connect it properly (no more than 3 minutes rest assured). It takes up space 30 centimeters high, 29 centimeters long and 22 centimeters wide (but normal for this type of toy I want to say), but is above all noisy. Very noisy! But when we love, we ignore some faults.

Small solo session with placement on the penis. So I used the large cylinder, with a little lubricant as advised on the manual (in English only). You can vary the stimulation by adding more or less lubricant. It's nice. There is a real feeling of sucking, and it is difficult to control yourself so as not to enjoy at maximum speed.

Second session, this time it is Anna who takes control of the remote control (wired). She will come play with my pleasure by varying the suction effort. At first, Anna remained wise to make the pleasure last. But afterwards, the combination of the milking machine for men, his wandering hands and mouth made me explode with pleasure. Unable to control yourself. Even after ejaculation the milking machine gave me pleasure. The stimulation remains soft and allows you to stay erect.

milking machine packagine

the milker men

the milker power

the milker man

pictore of the milker box

the milker sextoy

A milking machine for women

This milking machine can be used on both a man and a woman. And so it had to be tested on Anna. For use on nipples, the suction is gentle compared to a traditional electric breast pump. Indeed, the milking machine does not aim to collect milk, but just stimulate the nipples.

On the clitoris, the suction is pleasant but not very comfortable with the rather imposing tip. That said, the noise of the device and the lack of maneuverability breaks the naughty atmosphere a little, unless we are looking for a more medical setting or focused on BDSM.


The milking machine for men is an exceptional machine that gives you sensations never seen before. I do not know if it is possible to reduce the noise of this machine, but sincerely, despite it being very noisy, I focused more on the pleasure provided.
Unfortunately this machine is sold at a very high price. Price similar to Venus 2000. But it is on promotion on the MEO site for 549 €! Given the price, it would have been desirable to find a second short sleeve to stimulate two nipples at the same time.

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the milker remote control

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