Perfect Butt Plug for Anal Stretching

Attention, this plug is not to put in all hands. If you are neophyte in pleasure and anal dilation, this plug is not for you.
For all the others, I invite you to read this test !!

When we look at this plug, we wonder how we can get him into his little hole. This anatomical phthalate-free silicone plug provides extraordinary anal dilatation.

It has an insertable length of 8.5 centimeters for 7 cm in diameter but 4 cm when closed.

Find it on the MEO shop for 39 €.

Anal dilation test with this anatomical plug

As I said in the introduction, this plug is not to put in all hands. With dimensions of an L size anal plug and its resealable wings system, you must be well prepared before receiving it. It may be 4 cm in diameter in the closed position, it is difficult to maintain and introducing it and we are more ready to size XL!

That's why I advise you to prepare well before to facilitate insertion. Once inserted, the plug will deploy its wings.

You will feel very quickly this feeling of dilation with its 7.5 centimeters in diameter! And here I can tell you that there is no risk of falling or being swallowed thanks to its wide base. It stays in place and you can keep it long hours without problems.

Perfect plug for anal dilation

I had to go back several times to insert it. Already by its generous size, but mainly because of its wings that it is difficult for me to maintain in a closed position. It's not too bad I prepared myself before with another rosebud. A real plus is that it fits well, there is no feeling of slipping during the port of the plug. Some difficulties also to remove it. The anus comes to put pressure on the wings that will close, but not without difficulty.

I also advise you to choose your lubricant and take a really effective one.

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39 €







price quality



  • A sensation of dilation never seen


  • No storage pouch
  • Difficulties in setting it up

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