Pipedream Icicles Meo

glass dildo box

Here is a new glass dildo from the Icicles brand. This represents a curved and striated penis with a length of 16.5 cm and a diameter of 2.8 cm.

glass dildo box icicles

In high-end glass, and blown by mouth, this sex toy allows games of heat, passing it under hot or cold water, see a passage in the fridge

glass dildo icicles meo

In terms of hygiene, it is easy to clean and even goes in the dishwasher! Without forgetting that it is hypoallergenic!

glass dildo photo

If you follow me, you know I'm a fan of glass sex toys. The sensations of heat with the sextoys of this material are always a delight, that one plays alone or accompanied. If necessary, do not hesitate to use a lubricating gel to insert it more easily.

I really liked the feeling of the realistic glans on my lips. I love this moment of penetration. Its easy curved shape comes and goes. The streaks are felt rather pleasant sensations.
Too bad there is no storage pouch to protect and transport it. Cleaning is quick and easy.


A rather realistic dildo in a material that provides excellent sensations. A sex toy that I recommend to spice up naughty hugs for two. Especially if you have never tried glass sex toys!

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icicles meo

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