Pipedream Metal Worx Chastity Head Cage

pipedream chastity cage box

Here is a second chastity cage test that I offer. I have already tested a high-end cage, the BON4M model 2019. This time I present the chastity cage of the brand Pipedream.

pipedream chastity cage packaging

This chastity cage is offered at a price of 74.99 €, much cheaper therefore than its competitor the BON4M. But it is no less effective!

chastity cage pipedream

Cast in high quality steel and polished by hand. The insertable length goes up to 10 centimeters for a sex at rest.

chastity belt cage

The Pipedream chastity cage is offered in a simple but effective box. It is exactly the same box as the anal dildo of the same brand. You can therefore store it away from prying eyes.

A positive point compared to the BON4M cage is that it weighs only 160 grams, or 90 grams less! And for long-term wear, it holds better, does not slip and you can stay naked, something I could not do with the other cage where I had to wear a boxer because of its weight.

Unfortunately, it is universal and does not offer different sizes for the rings. But that didn't stop me from wearing it for several hours at all, and Anna also enjoyed playing with it.
I also find it a little too large at the level of the cage. I can't get a full erection but I can still get an erection. Let me explain. In erection, the ring at the bursa will pull the bursa forward, thus allowing the penis to grow even more since the cage also moves forward. There is less control than the Bon4M cage for example.


After several hours of testing, I am more mixed on this cage. It is lighter, easier to install and remove, more comfortable too. But a lower quality and especially an erection "possible" because of the size of the cage. So yes, it is € 125 cheaper than its competitor the BON4M! But offers much less control. This cage is a good choice for a person who wants to learn about cabling and who has a small budget. But if we want to move up a gear, we will have to turn to another more restrictive cage ;).

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