Pretty Love Beaded Remote Control Vibrating Anal Plug

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Here is the Pretty Love vibrating remote-controlled anal plug. It measures 13.5 cm long and 3.5 cm in diameter.

pretty love plug

Supplied with a remote control, this anal silicone sex toy has 4 modes of vibration and rotation.

pretty love butt plug

Balls positioned in the base of the plug increase pleasure while the suction cup stabilizes the plug on flat surfaces.

Vibrations and rotations of the plug


photo of a pretty love butt plug

remote control plug

With its dimensions, this vibrating anal plug is accessible at all levels. Made of silicone, this sex toy is waterproof for use in water. It is rechargeable by USB and its remote control requires a LR03 battery not supplied.

After a full recharge, insert a battery and clean it with water and mild soap, it's time to take the test. With his rotating balls, he made me think of one of my first rabbits. Well lubricated, it easily fits into my little hole with its soft and smooth texture. Do not forget to start it before because the button is really badly located (and you will understand why after). It is placed on the upper and penetrating part of the sex toy.

Level vibrations and rotating balls, this adds a little additional effect, even if it is not transcendent! With his form, I find it difficult to stay in place and tend to go out. What is more, once out it is really very noisy!

A problem is not the least, is that you can not stop it with the remote control ... Where at least I have not succeeded despite several attempts. Which means that we have to take it out on the road and with a significant noise. Without forgetting that the button to stop it is directly on the high and penetrating part of the plug, hygiene level, we have seen better!

The suction cup is interesting and holds securely in place, which makes it possible to stabilize the plug and to be able to play with it more easily.


This remote controlled vibrating plug is a pleasant sextoy, especially for playing with your remote control. The rotating balls innovate and add additional stimulation. The shape and dimensions of the plug allow it to be accessible to everyone, to the detriment of keeping it in place. The negative is also the button to turn it on and off, enough to ask the question about the people who designed the sex toy!

There remains however an interesting vibrating anal plug.

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