SM candles from the Dr. Sado collection

wax play candle bdsm

Here are 3 SM candles from the Dr Sado collection from MEO. Candles for wax games. These are suitable for BDSM games.

candle bdsm

They burn at a higher temperature than traditional massage candles, but have a lower melting temperature than conventional candles.

wax play candle dr sado

Dr Sado's candles are designed to intensify the heat of SM games. They measure 17.5 centimeters long by 1.3 centimeters wide, and are sold by 3. Red, white and blue.

Burn with pleasure?


wax play candle

Play with candle wax, between pleasure and pain! This is not a game to be taken lightly. As I say and repeat, BDSM has security codes and rules to follow. In addition to the fact that it is only practiced with a consenting partner and in whom we have all confidence, we must not forget to set up a safeword (security word) for this kind of naughty games.

With candles, you should always keep a height of about 50 centimeters above the skin to run the wax. And if the temperature is too high, we go further away!

My Jules' fantasy

My Jules' fantasy is to completely cover my breasts with wax. He finds it very exciting and aesthetic. Unfortunately for him, I am very sensitive and we are still very far from realizing this fantasy. Because indeed, wax burns! It's perfect as a punishment for me. It tingles on the skin then the wax hardens quickly. I did not keep any burn marks with Dr. Sado's candles and the burning sensation quickly fades. The cold wax is easily removed from the skin, either by removing it directly or in the shower.


Very nice little candles for hot naughty games. Be careful though, the melting temperature may be lower than a traditional candle, the wax can burn strongly! Ideal for followers of punishments and masochists!

I don't know the melting temperature of these MEO candles, but here is some melting temperature information found on Fetlife:

soy (melting temperature between 45 ° C and 50 ° C)
rapeseed (melting temperature between 52 ° C and 55 ° C)
sunflower (melting temperature between 48 ° C and 50 ° C)
palm (melting temperature between 58 ° C and 60 ° C)
paraffin (melting temperature between 57 ° C and 60 ° C)
animal (melting temperature between 62 ° C and 65 ° C)

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