Steel Anal Jewel Size M / Triune

box of anal jewel

Today, I present to you the test of an anal jewel of the Triune brand, adorned with a "crystal" which will hypnotize your partner.

anal jewel packaging

There are several sizes (M ⌀3 cm & L ⌀3.8 cm) and several colors (red, blue, black, pink and transparent).

anal jewel triune

Made of stainless steel, this intimate jewel is hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

The anal jewel in detail!


anal jewel in details

steinless anal jewel

I don't have a lot of rosebuds, it's my sixth test. But what I like is to vary the pleasures. Each anal jewel is different in terms of shape, dimensions, and aesthetics. I like to wait for my Jules with a different jewel, nothing like it to jump on me!

The intimate Triune jewel is discreet, and can be worn for several hours under your clothes. The stimulation of the anus is present, and each step will make you feel a soft sensation at your little hole. In terms of size, the M is standard, 6.5 centimeters of penetration for a diameter of 3 centimeters and a weight of 221 grams. For long-term wear, this is the size I prefer. Size L has a slightly wider diameter (3.8 centimeters) but above all much heavier, 489 grams! Without forgetting that it is also a little longer, 9 centimeters.

The anal jewel test

To test the rosebud as well as possible, I decided to wear it for an entire afternoon and reveal it at the last moment to my Jules. I thought that its weight would be disabling, and that it might slip. But no it is not. He held up perfectly all afternoon, despite my many back and forth in the corridors, the change of position, and I even took the opportunity to walk a little more than a kilometer outside without any worries.

The beginning of the naughty evening arrives. Jules still doesn't know I've been wearing it for 8 hours now, but his smile spoke volumes when he discovered it! We were able to test the wearing of anal jewelry at the same time as vaginal penetration. Jules told me that he had felt it during the report, but that it was light. Certainly because of the size M which remains a modest size compared to a rosebud in size L.


The advantage of this anal jewel is that it gently stimulates you for several hours, while preparing you (a little!) For sodomy. Without forgetting that your partner will be pleasantly surprised to see you wearing this sex toy. I could wear it for several hours without any problem!

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