Ultimate Blindfold

blindfold meo

MEO offers you a quality leather mask with a neat finish. The mask covers the eyes and nose.

meo blindfold review

At eye level, they are kept closed by the mask, which offers a perfect feeling of bondage.

blindfold lock

The strap has several eyelets allowing to adapt whether one is a man or a woman.

ultimate blindfold meo

Another excellent quality product from the Meo store. I really like this brand for the quality of the products available. The mask itself is rather simple by its design, that said, it brings very good sensations.

Indeed, with the pads at eye level, your eyes are kept in the closed position, unlike other masks that just hide the view. With this ultimate eye mask, you find a feeling of constraint which I admit, is a little disturbing at first. But little by little, we get a taste for it and let ourselves be carried away by its other senses, awakened.

An exciting opening towards pleasure that I highly recommend you try. We can associate it during a BDSM session or for a more classic sex session to spice up your hugs.

Guaranteed sensations with this small accessory, which remains comfortable even for long moments of tenderness.


Whether you are an amateur or initiated, the ultimate mask for the eyes will allow you to frustrate your partner by blocking his sight, and let him his other senses to discover what sauce he will be devoured!
It is totally different from other masks because it is not intended to hide the view, it will force its wearer to have his eyes closed! A good quality accessory that will accompany your intimate games over time!

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ultimate blindfold review

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