Womanizer DUO Review

The Womanizer Duo is the latest luxury sex toy from Womanizer brand. A beautiful sex toy with the "Pleasure Air Technologie".

It comes in lovely packaging. Inside, there is a USB charging cable, a second stimulation head, a storage bag and keychain, and its user manual.

Womanizer Duo is awesome with its 19 centimeters. It consists of an arm that stimulates the G-spot by powerful vibrations and a part that will stimulate the clitoris with the same functioning as his sidekick the Womanizer Premium.

With 12 different modes of vibration, the Womanizer Duo has two independent motors, to stimulate only one of the parts at a time. The DUO Womanizer is waterproof, USB rechargeable with a battery life of 2 hours. It is made of 100% hypoallergenic silicone.

Find it on the Dorcel Store at a price of 189 €.

I have always liked double stimulation sex toys like rabbits. My favorite of the moment is the Womanizer Premium so when I was offered to test the Womanizer Duo,, I could not refuse!
I received it in burgundy color, I find it glamorous and imposing. It has 6 buttons1 to turn it on, 2 for each part to reduce or increase the intensity and 1 for vibration modes.

Once switched on, the sex toy is activated only if there is contact with the head placed on the clitoris (thank you Smart Silence). We insert the silicone member into her vagina then we discover her clitoris and we present the tip of stimulation.

The toy then starts to vibrate and suck your clit. It only remains to be guided by his pleasure according to the speeds and different vibratory modes. Like every Womanizer, he does his job very well to lead us to orgasm.

Womanizer Duo in Conclusion

I really liked the clit / vagina combo even though I found it a bit too rigid. Depending on my posture, I would have liked more flexibility of the stimulator.
Another quality sextoy for Womanizer. A double stimulation combining pleasure air technology is a great idea. It would not fail to combine movements such as the Lelo Mona Wave but it would probably cause the loss of Man! ^^

Ladies, I recommend this little gem that will take you to the 7th heaven without a hitch! And you gentlemen, you know what to offer to your lady!

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Womanizer Duo

189 €







price quality



  • Pleasure Air Technologie
  • Clitoral and Vaginal
  • Transport bag
  • Womanizer Quality


  • High price

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