Zentai Black Spandex Lycra

There is little, I discovered Zentais, these combinations very close to the body. I wanted to try them, and for that, I received this model of Zentai in lycra.

You should know that the Zentai-Zentai site offers models for Man & Woman in many sizes, and each model is customizable with many options.

For this Zentai lycra, I chose black and transparent on the side, for a very sexy effect. You can find it for 55$ at our partner Zentai-Zentai.

Lycra is a pleasant material to wear. The Zentai is very comfortable. It does not mold as much shapes as other models (a next test with a PVC Zentai). I could put it alone, the model is well elastic. As options, I took the separate hood, (+ 2 $), the opening for the mouth and the nose allowing some oral activities (+2) and the zipper at the crotch to facilitate penetration. (+5 $)
In the hands, the fingers are well trimmed. And for easy donning, this Zentai has a zipper in the back.

Available in several sizes (from XXS to XXXL), but also made to measure! You can choose in addition some additional options among the 27 available! Some examples :
- Without hands / Detachable hands
- Without feet / Detachable feet
- Adding separate toes for the feet
- Penis sheath
- Hood with open face / Opening for the eyes / Opening for the mouth


To add a little spice in hugs while remaining very comfortable, the Zentai lycra is a very good option!

The material adds a new feel to the touch, both for the wearer and the caress.
Available in many sizes, but especially in custom, and fully customizable with many options!

Although the site is in English, it is very easy to order and choose its options. Each option is described by a text and a photo (by clicking on the question mark).
What's more, you can choose from over a hundred models! with a wide selection of materials!

You can find all my other tests here.


Lycra Zentai

55 $







price quality



  • Comfortable
  • Tailored
  • Fully Customizable


  • Lycra molds less forms, but is more comfortable

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