Zentai Catsuit PVC

Here is a PVC Zentai model, totally custom made like my other Zentai. It is possible to order in several different sizes, for men and women.

Again, many options with different rates in addition. Delivery is fast and discreet.

For the bespoke model (at no extra cost!), Just take your measurements, and postpone them on a sheet of the seller.
You can find it at the price of 60$ at our partner Zentai-Zentai.

PVC zentai with the most beautiful effect


I chose a blue model, with detachable hood (option mouth & open eyes and ponytail sheath), feet and hands detachable and separated, and closure for women.
To put it on, it is much less practical than the model in lycra, as PVC is not very elastic. On the other hand, it is very tight and tight.

The ponytail option is ultimately of little use, especially that it denatures a little hood. The fingers are not very well adapted, and it is impossible for me to put on my feet with separated toes. I really did well to have taken the option detachable feet and hands.
Unfortunately, it's because of the PVC material, which I repeat is not at all elastic.

This PVC Zentai is comfortable to wear. The closure keeps the Catsuit during a penetration. But be careful not to make acrobatic positions, because the seams are fragile and let go easily.
To wash it, a damp cloth is enough. No passage in the machine!

As for the Zentai Lycra, it is available in several sizes (ranging from XXS to XXXL, not to mention the custom!) You can choose in addition some additional options among the 25 available! Some examples :
- Without hands / Detachable hands
- Without feet / Detachable feet
- Adding separate toes for the feet
- Penis sheath
- Hood with open face / Opening for the eyes / Opening for the mouth


A very interesting effect, both for the aesthetic side that worn. I advise you against the model to measure to be closer to the body, but to add a good centimeter to avoid the fragility of the seams. Do not take either the ponytail option, and separate toes.

Nevertheless, this Zentai PVC makes its small effect every time I wear it.

You can find all my other tests here.


Zentai PVC

60 $







price quality



  • Tailored
  • Comfortable
  • Near the body


  • Fragility of seams (allow 1 cm more)
  • Unable to use options (separate toe examples)
  • Medium finish
  • Ugly hood

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